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Inside waiting for you is a practical and interactive step-by-step book and workbook that gives you everything you need to make your business more rewarding for everyone it touches. That means more rewarding for you and your family, of course. AND it means more rewarding for your team, their families, your customers, your prospective customers, your community and for our world as a whole.

It does that by giving you everything you need to become a Business for Good. Everything you ned to a more profoundly positive effect on the world that you ever dared to imagine. Everything you need to RISE.


For every purchase made, Salters Business Support will donate a days food to 10 street dogs in Nepal.


"So simple it's beautiful. This little book is the perfect way to get started with building a better business and building a better world. Read and rise up, now!" Derek Williams – Author of ‘Wow! That’s what I call service’

“Immensely important. Instantly actionable. Completely unmissable.” Harvee Pene – Author of ‘Doing good is the new great’“I have never been so inspired. This book proves it is really easy to make a positive difference to the world in a way that also makes things much better for your business, you and those around you. Do yourself a favour by reading and acting on it, just as I have. Together we can create a trillion smiles!” Gill Tiney – Founder of Collaboration Global and author of ‘Step Up: From Desperation to Inspiration’

“This is a short book with a powerful and profoundly important message. And it’s the best gift I could give to any business owner. Everyone should read it and RISE.” Shane Lukas – Author of ‘Putting Excellence Into Practice’

“A great book for gaining lightbulb moments and making the world a brighter place!” Andy Gilbert - Author of ‘Go M.A.D. – The Art of Making A Difference’

Our time to RISE - Book and Workbook

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