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Am I a coach?

I often get asked if I’m a coach. I do use some coaching techniques, but no, I’m not a coach, I’m a consultant which is quite different and I've explained the differences below.

What is the difference between a coach and a consultant?


Coaches can really help as I get support from coaches and mentors myself. However, coaches usually help by developing their client’s abilities to solve a problem themselves, whereas a consultant helps to solve their problems by providing the answers they need using their specific knowledge and expertise. For example, if you don’t know HOW to change your mindset, health or make strategic business decisions, I will give you the answers you need and actually tell you what to do. I have 30 years of business experience and I’m thriving after 4 bouts of serious ill health, so I have the answers which I can pass onto you. That way you’ll have a clear path to follow to get real results.

A consultant is an expert who will provide the answer to the issues that a customer is facing. The consultant will help their client by solving any issues and providing solutions and reasons behind them.

How can I validate the improvements my clients will see in their health and business etc?

This will vary for each individual as the 1-2-1 programmes are personalised for each client. Please see below what you will achieve and how you will benefit in more detail.

What you will achieve?

  • Master your mindset to become more positive and driven.

  • Organise yourself and your business to achieve your goals.

  • Make informed lifestyle and dietary changes to be healthier both mentally and physically.

  • Make stronger and more impactful strategic decisions that will help in growing your business.

How you'll benefit?

You'll feel less overwhelmed, scared and worried about your future and we'll enable improvements to your health by working on the following four areas: mindset, business, health, and organisation.

You'll not only be supported and guided to master your mindset, feel healthier and run a successful business, you'll also be provided with the knowledge and resources to enable you to actually achieve your goals!
We'll do this together, as I'll provide you with online training, accountability and brainstorming sessions, webinars, masterclasses, videos, workbooks, book reviews and much much more.

How do I know which support option is best for me?

If you are unsure of which option you feel is best for you, you can book an initial consultation to discuss which of the available resources will best suit your current needs. You can book your appointment by emailing me here.

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