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Welcome to Salters Business Support, where transformational growth, English mastery, and business success are at your fingertips.


I'm Janice Salter, your dedicated Business Consultant, Tutor and Mentor. My commitment is to empower you with the knowledge, skills, strategies, English proficiency, and mindset required for excellence. Through my unique tutoring courses and mentorship services, embark on a transformative journey that paves the way for both personal and business success.

Do you want to market your business to English-speaking countries?

Do you need to improve your business English skills to communicate effectively?


Do you need to gain additional business skills to help your company succeed?


Do you want to overcome self-doubt so you can move forwards with confidence?


Do you want to learn from an experienced business professional?


If you said YES to any of the above then you're in the right place!


My courses and programmes are tailored for business owners who aren't native English speakers and aspire to expand their enterprises by reaching English-speaking markets.


Embrace a transformative journey that nurtures both your personal and professional growth. Guided by me, you'll not only acquire essential business and English skills but also develop the mindset and confidence needed to conquer any challenge on the path to your business success. With these skills at your disposal, you'll be equipped to tap into new markets, drive growth, and achieve a significant return on your investment.


Janice Salter
BA (Hons) PGCert

A Comprehensive Approach to Empowering Your Business Success

*Mindset Development* 


I firmly believe that success starts from within. I go beyond traditional tutoring approaches by initially placing a strong emphasis on mindset development. As your mentor, I understand the importance of eradicating self-limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome, procrastination, and perfectionism. Through personalized guidance and support, we will work together to cultivate a growth-oriented mindset that empowers you to face challenges fearlessly and embrace continuous personal development and business growth.


*Comprehensive Business Studies* 


My tutoring courses deliver a comprehensive range of business topics. From foundational business concepts to advanced strategies, I cover a wide array of topics that will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the competitive global business landscape.

*Mastery of Business English* 


In today's globalized business world, effective communication is key. For non-native English speakers, mastering Business English is essential for seamless interactions and successful collaborations. My tailored tutoring sessions will strengthen your English proficiency, enabling you to express your ideas with confidence, negotiate with finesse, and engage in impactful business communication.

*Interactive and Collaborative Learning* 


Prepare for an engaging and dynamic learning experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional teaching. My small group tutoring sessions foster a collaborative and interactive learning environment, where you can actively participate, exchange ideas, and learn from your peers. Through a variety of techniques, such as icebreakers, polls, debates, case studies, video discussions and even virtual field trips, I ensure that each session is both informative and enjoyable.

*A Supportive Community of Learners* 


Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, all on a mission to maximize their potential and business success. Salters Business Support provides a nurturing space where you can share your aspirations, celebrate successes, and receive encouragement during challenging times. Together, we create an environment that fosters personal growth, resilience, and a sense of camaraderie.

Ready to stride confidently into marketing your business in English-speaking countries? Seize the opportunity now to enrol in my transformative tutoring and mentorship courses and programmes. Together, we'll embark on a remarkable journey of empowerment, achievement, and business success.

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ – Helen Keller

Why choose Salters Business Support?

*Experience that Drives Success* With over 25 years of real-world business experience, I offer invaluable practical insights and knowledge, providing you with the tools to excel in the professional landscape and achieve a strong return on your investment.


*Personalized Growth* I tailor the content to meet your specific learning needs, unique challenges, and aspirations in my small group sessions, ensuring a focused approach to your business goals.


*Supportive Learning* We’ll collaboratively eliminate negative limiting self-beliefs and instil a confident and resilient mindset, fostering an environment where your personal and professional growth thrives.


*Personalised Feedback* You’ll benefit from individualized attention and feedback to maximize your learning journey, empowering you to confidently apply new skills and strategies for exceptional results.

At Salters Business Support, my mission is to empower non-native English-speaking business owners with a growth mindset, enabling them to conquer any self-limiting beliefs and equipping them with invaluable business and English skills. Our goal is to propel your business into new English markets with enthusiasm and confidence.


As your dedicated Business Consultant, Tutor and Mentor, I am committed to nurturing a supportive learning environment. Here, ambitious individuals unite in small groups, embarking on a journey to transform their mindsets and conquer the challenges of the business world, ultimately forging the path to personal and business success.


Throughout my courses, you’ll not only acquire knowledge and confidence but also overcome personal and business obstacles. Together, we set the stage for unprecedented success, ensuring that your business thrives in both local and international English-speaking markets.



Dr S Bell

From her enthusiasm and performance, it is clear to see that Janice enjoys teaching. Her interaction with students is excellent and she is able to explain linguistic concepts in a clear and concise way. She uses a number of different teaching and learning strategies in order to maximise the potential of the learners.

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